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Lil Creek handmade whiskey
Lil Creek Handmade vodka
Lil Creek Olga Laguz Liqueur

Lil Creek Handmade Whiskey was inspired by the place I grew up, Little Creek South Andros. I remember as a teenager jumping off the bridge and swimming in the creek as the tide carried me back to shore. I hope that this whiskey gives you the same tidal ride - being a vibrant, firm and fully integrated spirit; with flavors of vanilla, tobacco and roasted sweet fruits on the tip of the palate that lingers in the smooth creamy finish.

Olga laguz Named after my Grandmother Olga Eulene Kemp. Olga derives from Old Norse meaning Holy. This liqueur Olga Laguz (Holy Water) is a blend of all my favorite bush tea made from roots and herbs I drank as a child which my grandmother made for healing. And it's that special blend that is added to Lil Creek spirits and normally drank as a digestif.

Lil Creek handmade vodka takes me back to when everything thing was simple and natural; to the days when we drew water from Goddie Mam's well in little Creek. It is not until now that I realize and appreciate how important it is to have a good, clean, natural water source in the making of great spirits. This vodka is perfect for your favorite vodka cocktails or sipping on the rocks while sitting on the rocks by the Creek.

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